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Since 2007 we have been designing and building

to Demolish

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Demolition Hammers Hydraulic

Compactors Hydraulic

Spare parts Plurimarche


that give life to



Mastermech design, sketch and gives life to products 100% Made in Italyall made from Masters of mechanical hydraulic in our plant site in The Industrial area of Molfetta (BA).
Mastermech, he starts his journey starting from the production and sale of spare parts plurimarche for hydraulic demolition hammers.
With the experience gained over the years and innovative spirit Mastermech launches with success
in design, production and sale of hydraulic demolition hammers small and medium size,
depopulated in the international market.


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Spare parts


 Our products:

the phases of the development

Our products are all made in Italy, undergo a careful and scrupulous process before being put on sale.
Mastermech uses expert designers in the field of mechanical and hydraulic, for the design of our components and products.
Once designed, the product starts the phases of the work, entrusted to masters mechanical
involved in the creation and carving of the individual pieces.
Once the individual pieces, you will pass assembly eprima placed on the market our product is:
reviewed, tested and tested in different ways,
once you have passed all the tests, our product is ready to demolishand then , for the release in the market.

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Our products

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MC 18
MC 43
MC 90

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