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our team

Experts in the graphic design-the design hammers and compactors hydraulic

Wide voice for to ensure maximum availabilitywith support in Italian, English, Spanish French, German.

Masters of mechanical hydraulic the choice of the metal better and the realization, and then cutting precise duplicates of the individual pieces.

In addition, we have mechanical, specialized in the manufacture of spare parts for hydraulic hammers of all the manufacturers.

Our Mission

Our goal daily is to build the best products that can create maximum value for our customersin most time, we aim to bring Mastermech towards the sustainabilityby implementing solutions that are focused on the respect of the environment.

Our Values

We strive to always look over the simple demands of customers, we try to always offer tailor-made solutions thanks to our targeted advice.
We select the the best metals for the manufacturing of our products, by searching the maximum in terms of reliability and durability for every single component.

Our history

We are born with the storm of the global crisis,
still standing in spite of the strong wind.
We have gathered what remained stilllive
and as he says Albert Einsteinwe were able to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

 We have always believed that the occasion is in the fall, rather, in the new perspective when we are on the ground.
In the early years, we asked a simple question : let's stay here, stop to look you in the eyes ? or raise your head , broadening the shoulders and find ways to make sense of this dream called ‘Mastermech’?
Our work team has started to take the form of an international team, and step-by-step, on the contrary, piece by piece , our brand has entered everywhere, touching first european lands and in the years to come peaks and skies around the world, and always for the same purpose, the one for which for which Mastermech was born : We make products made in Italy capable of ‘demolish to rebuild’.

Leonardo Apples

Founder | Managing Director

Angelo Mele

Co-Founder | Engine Manager

It is the nature, the life, which teaches us this : The end is always a new beginning, a new starting point, every thing takes its course, nothing is reborn if it die.
The most important steps have been taken, when we choose to actively participate in all the most important fairs in different areas the world.
We exhibited our parts Monaco, Saint Paul and in the last two fairs Las Vegas and Zaragoza we have exhibited over the parts, with enormous pride our largest bet :
The hydraulic demolition hammers and compactors for hydraulic titled ‘MASTERMECH’, designed manufactured and marketed by 2020.

We are people with an innate desire of dreams, passion and development. Every time we get close to a goal, we try to raise the bar and over the years, the years of experience we understand that what makes Mastermech a large international company that is consistently linked to the reliability and, above all, respect towards ourselves and our customers. We feel the need to seek innovation and building new products to be presented on the market.
This makes us feel alive.


Verona 2023

Mastermech Srl 🇮🇹 prima fiera in Italia
Samoter ha visto per la prima volta la ns azienda protagonista della fiera.
I nostri Martelli MHB sono stati tra i più cercati e attenzionati sia dai vari distributori che dagli utilizzatori accorsi numerosi per questa fiera.
Fiore all’occhiello del ns Stand è stato il Nostro Martello con applicazione di attacco laterale per piantapali. Di seguito alcune foto dell’evento.

Monaco di baviera 2022

Mastermech Srl 🇮🇹 in Germania 🇩🇪
I Martelli MHB Mastermech hanno primeggiato come protagonisti nella categoria “Demolizione” alla bauma la fiera di Monaco di Baviera.
I nostri Martelli MHB sono una garanzia in termini di affidabilità, potenza e durabilità. La fiera di Monaco è stata un’ulteriore conferma, grazie ai nostri nuovi clienti, che Mastermech può e deve essere in prima linea con i suoi prodotti per soddisfare l’enorme bisogno di Martelli efficaci e robusti, in tutto il territorio internazionale.

Monaco di baviera

Germany 🇩🇪


Spain 🇪🇸

Las Vegas

United States 🇺🇸

Saint Paul

Brazil 🇧🇷

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